I received an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship!

A few weeks ago, I received the official notice of my NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, entitled: ‘Morphodynamics of giant dunes in wind and water‘! This award will allow me to continue my interests and research on the morphodynamics of dunes. Particularly, I will expand my understanding of dunes in rivers to compare dune operations across bothContinue reading “I received an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship!”

The shape of dunes in the world’s big rivers

This work is part of my PhD and details the shape of dunes in the world’s big rivers. Here, I show that the shape of dunes in these rivers is flatter and smaller than previously thought. This work was recently published in Nature Geoscience. To read a recently published story about this paper see theContinue reading “The shape of dunes in the world’s big rivers”