Hi! My name is Julia Cisneros

I am a 5th year PhD candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow working with Dr. Jim Best. My interests include sedimentology, surface processes, and bedform morphology and dynamics. My research focus is understanding the morphology and dynamics of dunes in alluvial channels. In my early research, I travelled to the world’s largest river in terms of discharge, the Amazon River, Brazil, and in terms of transported sediment load, the Yellow River, China, for river field surveys. Here, I gained information of what the dunes look like in these rivers to better understand how they might form. In early work, I produced a large, spatial analysis of dune morphology thus describing dune size and shape in 5 of the world’s big rivers including the Amazon, Mekong, Mississippi, Missouri, and Parana rivers, which I published in Nature Geoscience. More recent work in my PhD has focused on how dunes react to varying flows for example during the rising and falling stage of a flood. To investigate this, I have worked with a unique dataset of Multi-Beam Echosounder surveys taken every 2 weeks for the last 15 years of the River Waal, Netherlands funded by an NSF GROW grant. Coupled with information of the flow conditions (flow discharge and water level), I have quantified how dune size and shape change throughout a flood. This information can be used to predict safer shipping navigation conditions, for better quantification of roughness in flow modelling efforts, and for predicting flood hazards and risks. 

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my dog whether that be sitting on the porch, going for a hike, or taking long naps. 

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Julia and her favorite boy, Nugget.
Julia and her favorite boy, Nugget.
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